O.K. You and I agree. At least 83% of you agree. Pres. Obama was born in Hawaii, one of the legitimate 50 states of America and he is – if for no other reason than 50-state elections results, courts, Congress, the electoral college and the College of Cardinals – the duly elected and qualified American-born fella he claims to be.

The subject has truly become boring and ridiculous. Of course, it was that from the git-go. “Bury it,” you say. “Deeply and forever,” sez I.

But wait a minute! Let me get this one last piece of confirmation on the official Ridenbaugh record. The last “coffin nail,” so to speak. I know who the doctor was that delivered him in that Hawaiian hospital. His daughter lives in Idaho and she has verified his notarized signature at the bottom of the birth certificate!

That’s right. And now you know. Because the daughter of the late Dr. David Sinclair is Kathy Sinclair-McClatchy, a rancher in Gannett (GA-net), Idaho. Her spread is about 30 miles south of Sun Valley, near some of the best fresh water trout fishing in the world.

She hadn’t paid much attention to the “birther” crazies and had gone about the daily ranch chores in Idaho without knowing her family had information the unbelievers didn’t. Oh, some of them had it. They just chose to ignore it.

Then, a couple of weeks back, her sister woke her up in the middle of a black, central Idaho night to tell her “Dad delivered Obama!” Boy, talk about that “3-o’clock-in-the morning phone call.”

That day, her sister had seen the Obama long-form birth certificate photo in an Oahu newspaper. And there, right at the bottom, was the signature of the attendant to the birth, Dr. David Sinclair, and the date 8/8/61. Barak Obama had been born Aug. 4, and his mother signed the document Aug. 7. The sister and the women’s mother, Ivalee Sinclair, still live in Hawaii. They dug out something with the late doctor’s handwriting, compared it to the now-public document and – VOILA – it was a match.

Dr. Sinclair lived in Hawaii when Oahu was attacked in 1941. He joined the Army Air Corps and flew fighters and bombers in the Pacific Theater. After the war, he went to med school and started a practice on Oahu as an obstetrician-gynecologist.

His widow told the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper her doctor-husband “probably delivered 10,000 babies.” But he’d never have had any thought that one of those he “birthed” in 1961 would eventually become president of these United States.

“I hope this puts it to rest and we can move on to issues like the economy and getting our troops back home,” she told the Express.

“AMEN,” sez I!

But don’t take my word for it. Next time you’re on I-84 across Southern Idaho, turn north on Highway 93 at the Twin Falls junction. Go about 65 miles up the highway and you’ll see the sign to Gannett. Look for the McClatchy ranch. If you don’t see it, call ‘em on the phone.

Note to “birthers:” It’s a local call. No charge.

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