Interesting CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll out this week. Lots of numbers with this bottom line: more people are getting fed up with the Tea Party, putting it’s unfavorable rating right up there with Republicans and Democrats. Tea Party unfavorable 47%; Republican and Democrat Parties at 48%. Nationwide sample.

Buried in all the numbers was a very interesting statistic for Americans making less than $50,000 a year. Last October to now, Tea Party unfavorable numbers for those folks went UP 15 points! Roughly half of all Americans make $50,000 or less annually so that’s a lot of voters who are seeing the T-P people in a new, more negative light.

I have my own pet theory for that. My guess is it’s because the elected Tea Party candidates are now zealously pursuing massive and – for the most part- blind cuts in federal programs. Across-the-board whacks everywhere. But many people making $50,000 or less qualify for – and take part in – many of those same federal programs: Medicaid, Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI), Medicare, housing, help with utility bills, transportation, food aid and others.

Seems all that talk about reducing government spending was passed off in the 2010 campaigns as “cut waste,” “cut fat,” “tax the rich” and a few other easy “promises.” Nobody talked about “my” programs. It was “the other guys wasteful programs.” So now, when viewing the Tea Party, there’s a different prism. One shining more light on the difficulty of “cutting waste” – or even defining what it is – and it’s hitting close to home for a lot of folks. A lot of underemployed and out-of-work folks.

Another reason for the rising tide of negativity toward the Tea Party may come from people, like some of my friends, who cast the “pissed off” ballot last November. More than a few said they were “sending a message to Washington” and that “anybody is better than what we have now.” They put the delicate levers of government into very unqualified hands. And the “anybody but him” vote didn’t work out as they planned.

So, congratulations to the Koch brothers and other billionaires behind the Tea Party. Voters don’t like you any better than the other guys.

Now that’s real America!

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