First, it was the hypocrisy of Prof. Gingrich, trying to duck some well-earned charges of being such for soft-peddling his bed- jumping behavior (see above SECOND THOUGHTS – 3-28-11). Now comes former Sen. Rick Santorum – about-to-be presidential canadidate – who easily has made the dumbest political and social statement of all time. And on the ol’ radio in a primary state. New Hampshire.

I swear: if you’re not sitting down for this one, please find a chair before reading on. If you’re a Republican, you might want to take a deep breath.

Right out there – on the ol’ radio this week – Santorum showed the full effects of standing out in the sun too long. The subject was pretty simple: Social Security. But not nearly so simple as his statement.

“Abortion rates are influencing the number of children born in the United States and there are, therefore, not enough children to support the program long term.” Honest to God. That’s what he said.

But that’s not the really stupid part! Are you ready, sports fans? Here it comes!

“A third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion.” That’s what he said. I couldn’t make that up! A former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. Radio station WEZS, Laconia, New Hampshire. This week.

The father of seven concluded, “I want children living in America and contributing. America’s greatest resource is our people and we’re denying America what it needs, which is more Americans.”

This is one of those rare times when I can’t think of anything more to say. You’re on your own.

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