The time has come to “just do it.”

I’ve never had many worries about this nation. In my more than three score and ten years, I’ve learned, whatever the problem, we’ll deal with it, overcome it and continue as the great country we are.

Now, midst mindless shouting, threats made in our streets, outrageous behavior of a very small part of society, disgraceful voices and actions from some we’ve elected, my night’s sleep is not so sound.

We are a nation of law; a nation where, in things democratic, the majority … even if only 50.1% … settles the issue. If they wish, those in the minority can continue working for whatever their issue may be until the question is put forth again. But, in the meantime, the minority is expected to respect and abide by that principle as we’ve done for 233 years

That practice has never pleased everybody. It was never meant to. But it’s how we’ve won wars, overcome economic obstacles, run our system of free elections, raised our children, prospered and settled our national issues. I buy into that with no reservations!

But that’s not what’s happened lately. In massive matters of health care reform, a tortured economy and more, while the majority has searched for solutions, a small minority has become loud, profane, disrespectful and obstructionist. It’s been supported by moneyed backers whose interests, in many cases, are not the nation’s interests.

That minority, I’m sorry to say, has been aided and abetted by a national media more intent on ratings and corporate economic gain than in factual research and reporting, allowing more time and space than the distractions deserve.

The many lies and distortions accepted by a loud few as fact have been repeated enough. They’ve shouted “lie” when faced with fact. Some have said they hate this country and its flag, talking secession though that possibility is not reality. Many of the few have refused truth and fact when presented with it. Some in congress have abused their public trust by trying to forestall the law of majority rule in offering their voices to the malcontents.

As parents, most of us operated on a two step basis with our children’s discipline. We long ago moved from simply laying down the law, instead using patience and answering questions, explaining when necessary why we expected certain behavior. Most of the time, that’s all it took. But if the errors were repeated, we responded more firmly.

As a nation of law, I believe those charged with responsibility have adequately performed the first step in dealing with the vacuous minority and should move on to the second. Enough is enough!

I have no answers for our near catastrophic problems. I have no plan to right all wrongs in our national health care system. No one individual does. But collective answers must be found quickly and applied by those we elected to do so. We gave them a large national majority November 4, 2008, in a lawful election. We gave them those instructions. We told them to do it; we didn’t tell them how.

While Democrats are in control, were it Republicans my charge would be the same: devise a course of action, solicit input from every legitimate source, decide what must be done. Then do it! The time has passed to listen to a noisy few with no answers; only blind protest.
If the chosen plan works, great. If it doesn’t, change it till it does. The sheer size of these problems demands no less. If we don’t take drastic action in both fronts, we will soon drain our nation’s resources to the status of a third world country. To those that don’t believe that, overwhelming facts say you’re wrong.

Unless the shouters and malcontents carry around those pocket-sized versions of our Constitution just for appearances, they should take the document out and read it. Not just the out-of-context parts they’re fond of quoting but the entire thing. The rules are there for all of us. And, like it or not, they apply even if a few don’t like them.

There has been enough shouting, name-calling, threats, accusations and lies. Voices with no realistic alternatives for solving our problems should now be ignored by the majority elected to lead. Our laws prescribe it. As the majority, we should demand it. Just do it!

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