Well, we’ve been outsmarted again

Author: Barrett Rainey

Sometimes this country … with all of its technology, superior weapons systems and good old American ingenuity … comes up looking damned foolish. Case in point.

Our friends at Boeing have taken nearly a billion dollars from we taxpayers thanks to the Bush and Obama administrations. All that money was wasted on a now-defunct high tech surveillance system that was going to end our problems along the border with Mexico. Thermal imaging, night spotting, automated warnings, yadda, yadda, yadda. “State-of-the-art” and then some!

So what’s the latest “technology” accomplishment of the drug smugglers in the area? A large rubber band and some 2-x4’s. A six foot slingshot! And it worked!

Now, double the size, put some mattresses on the American side and you’ve got the answer to how to get Mexican nationals across the border illegally. All the border patrol would have to look for would be the old mattresses. If they were left behind.

When the Hell are we ever going to learn?


EDITOR’S NOTE: Shortly after posting the above, a correspondent asked how many practice shots the Mexican nationals would get to see if they could hit the mattresses. I wouldn’t give ’em any. After all, we’re dealing with professionals. Tougher standards.

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