After previously ranting about how members of Congress have a habit of adding the words “The American people want … think … say … feel … etc.” to their often self-serving speeches, I hate to plow the same ground twice. But I’m going to.

That’s because the evidence is starting to pile up that they’re proving again, based on recent statements, they didn’t hear and have no idea what the American people want. Or what the message really was. Keeping the same ineffective, polarizing leadership in both houses proves the point. But there is more. Much more.

Polls out this week from two respected organizations capture our “message” … our “instructions” … very well.

One is Gallup. Americans having a favorable view of the Democrat party is 43%, down 1% from prior to elections. Republican favorability was 45%, up 1% in the same period. Dead heat it seems.

Respondents had a 52% unfavorable view of Democrats with 50% having a negative view of the GOP. Again, just about even.

So, looks to me like the Republican victory was more of a rejection of Democrats than approval for the GOP. Helluva way to run a country.

Then there is the Pew Research Center output. About 48% of Americans are happy Republicans now control the House. That’s 12% lower than the 60% happy Democrats won back control of the House and Senate following the 2006 midterms. There’s a message there.

As for announced Republican plans and policies for the near future, 41% like what they hear but 37% don’t. Note the “no opinion” 22%.

So, what does it mean? The Pew report concludes: “On balance, both the general public and voters express less positive views of GOP policies than they did of Democrat proposals after the 2006 elections.”

Those are some pretty damning numbers! No clear majority anywhere about anything connected to the outcome of the 2010 midterm election. Slightly more people voted against something. And they won. It seemingly sent no instructions at all. But winners are already bellowing at the top of their voices, “The American people have sent a message.” To which they then insert all sorts of things up to and including finding a remedy for the common cold.

I realize this little blog probably won’t pop up on the screens of members of congressional leadership … majority or minority. Not much chance even those back there who are supposed to represent our little corner of the world will read it.

So let me make it as clear as I possibly can just in case they accidentally find SECOND THOUGHTS in a Google search rather than what they’re looking for.


If all that’s too difficult to understand, let’s put it this way. If you can’t accomplish most or all of the above in 24 months, we’ll cut you out of the herd and send in replacements!

The poll numbers from Gallup and Pew Research say to me there is no political banner to hide behind. Diehard Republicans and diehard Democrats are outnumbered by diehard independents who don’t give a damn about parties. We care about the quality … and quantity … of the work to be done. We have been specific in our message even if the tone deaf seekers of political job security haven’t heard.

What “the American people are saying” is it’s not either party … or an amorphous third party. It’s not the fat cats, the big guys, the vested interests, the “K” Street guys or your continued employment that’s important. It’s getting OUR work done. The quicker the better. By anybody who’ll do it.

Those that don’t abide … those that keep attaching “the American people say” to some other extraneous message … those are the ones that’ll go down the exit chute first.

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