While I may periodically disagree with my fellow journalists locally and nationally, I seldom decide one of them needs a swift kick in the butt, then offer my strong right leg for the job. Today is one of those rare occasions. My leg is in the cocked position.

There is an article in the current Newsweek entitled “The Nazi Sympathizer Who Isn’t.” Not knowing who he/she wrote this pathetic drivel, my gut tells me he/she is less than 60 years of age and likely a gentile. Anyone older than 60 and/or with Jewish lineage would never have written it.

The story involves Ohio GOP congressional candidate Rich Iott and pictures of him posing in a Nazi military uniform. Seems he’s been dressing up that way for years and getting together with buddies for faux military re-enactments in the Ohio countryside. His son, too. He calls it “a family bonding” experience and has denied being a Nazi sympathizer. His son got smart and quit.

Iott has been blasted by most major political party organizations and roundly criticized for his “hobby” in most circles. A few GOP voices have been heard but the party organization has said nothing officially.

The Newsweek author’ opines, since Iott has denied harboring Nazi views, defended his actions as being educational and says his interests are simply in the” impressive military achievements of the German military,” we should put things in proper context and go on about life.

Like Hell I will! Nor should anyone else.

When you talk of Nazi “military achievements” you are talking of the murder of more than 6,000,000 people. You are talking butchery and blind annihilation of sizeable portions of the citizenry of several European countries. You are talking about massive crimes against humanity on a scale never seen before or since.

For a candidate for national office to try to slough off his “hobby” as some sort of admiration for what a “small country can do against much larger military forces” is not laughable. It’s stupidity, ignorance and mindless in major doses.

This guy has no place in American political life. As for the writer of a national piece trying to justify the actions of this idiot, I suggest a visit to the nearest Synagogue and a few evenings with the Rabbi.

Unfortunately, Iott is not the only political aberration in a national election year full of ‘em. In my little corner of Oregon, we have a nut making a living mailing out thousands of racist “text books” in the name of “proper” home schooling and spouting off-the-wall theories he passes off as “good science.” A Senator wannabe kook in Nevada thinks we can always resort to using guns against the government if we don’t like what’s going on. “Glad we have the Second Amendment,” she proclaims.

Half a dozen federal candidates want government out of our lives but insist that a woman impregnated by a rapist or male in her family carry the product of that rape or incest to term and live with it. They want government to insure she does. A double dose of idiocy, contradiction and more ignorance.

We’ve got a woman who wants to be a U.S. Senator repeatedly denying she’s a witch (as all of us have to do) and lying about her education. She’s not “for” anything. Another believes restaurant and other business owners should be able to deny service to blacks, Asians, Muslims or anyone else they don’t like. Another in Connecticut has repeatedly claimed phony military service in Viet Nam. “Misstated” he says now. Misstated how many times? Yeah. Sure.

We have an unusual number of disgusting racists, bigots, cheats, liars and Nazi sympathizers to chose from this year. We have hundreds of candidates who’ve never held office of any kind wanting to be senators, congressmen and governors at a time when we need experience, honesty, ability to compromise and real people skills just to get this country back on track.

My fear is there will be more votes cast this year “against” something than “for” anything. Baby, bath water and even the tub thrown out in the name of anger at situations beyond anyone’s control.

To the young whitewasher at Newsweek: after your quick course in the real Nazi “military achievements” take a look at 1930’s German history and the kind of national mindlessness that made the butchery possible. All it took was authority in the wrong hands given by a fearful public in national economic shambles.

If the comparison escapes you, give me a call.

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  1. Jackie AGT Says:

    Finally something fresh and new that make sense! I would like to see more about this and that is what I’m going to do.