Round one

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Well, now.

After four days of continual media fixation on criminally-charged D.J. Trump, are you about wrung out? Had enough? Too much? Me, too.

We all knew there would be an indictment of some sort. The only question has been, which crime committed where?

Though this first indictment won’t be unsealed until later today, we’re told by “anonymous sources” there are 34 citations. Thirty-four. Including one or more felonies. In there, somewhere, is the one about “hush money” to Stormy Daniels, porn star extra-ordinaire.

Being an old media guy, I’m angered by how many media folk – regardless of source – have used those words. Read that Stormy paragraph again. Because, I’ve deliberately made the same error here.

“Hush-money.” See the problem?

Truth is, the payment to her is not the issue. The crime is Trump reported the payment as a “campaign expense” on federal forms he had to file as a candidate for federal office.

But, what the Hell? Picky. Picky. Picky.

No, it’s not.

It’s a very real problem we’ve seen over and over again. When an error of fact is made so often, the other reported versions will nearly always carry the same error until people have heard or read it so often it becomes “fact.” Which it ain’t.

And, in matters of Trump, that’s important because, if you’re tired of hearing about him already, there’s gonna be a biblical flood of Trump-related stories comin’ up. For months and months. Maybe, years and years. Other news – often important news – will appear on page six or after the third commercial break on your favorite TV channel. If then. So, it’s important to keep the facts accurate as they surface.
And, you can bet the farm, after this first indictment, there’ll be one or more coming down the pike – state, federal or otherwise. Too many prosecutors have spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to simply slip their findings into a file drawer and go home.

Whatever the outcome of the campaign finance story, the one I’m waiting for is the paperwork on the January Sixth storming of the Capitol. If there’s going to be “Hell-to-pay,” that’s where it’ll be. We’ve already heard Trump was “surprised” by the first indictment. Just wait for that one.

Nothing concrete about future charges has come about – yet. But, it would seem convictions of dozens and dozens of those who broke into the Capitol that day are meaningless without charging the one who sent them there. DJT.

As for the faux GOP outrage, forget it. This first charge against Trump is legal business, not political business. Kevin McCarthy and his minions need to take a seat, shut up and watch the upcoming proceedings.

Life, as Trump has known it, is over. He’s spent decades twisting and turning – and buying – his way out of serious trouble. Those days are gone. No matter how many lawyers he hires or how many millions he spends defending against the coming indictments, his high-flying lifestyle is a thing of the past.

Imagine being President of the United States. Air Force One and all the trimmings. The heads of State. Four years in the White House. The lavishness at the pinnacle of American life. To a cell block. And, an orange jump suit.

More indictments are to likely follow. Quite likely. If you’re about “Trumped-out,” we’ve still got a long way to go before it’s over. Developments, from here on, will be the overwhelming storyline.

I, personally, wish Trump no ill will. But, matters now are in the hands of prosecutors and the courts. Some of the expected charges he’ll face carry specific minimum sentences. Former President or not, it’s the law.

Better stock up on more popcorn. And, your favorite liquid refreshment. We’ve got a long way to go.

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