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All right.

If 2022 has been the year of investigation, 2023 should be the year of charging, adjudication to separate the guilty from the innocent and confining the guilty.

For the last three years, we’ve been inundated with investigations. There aren’t many rocks that haven’t been overturned and examined. We’ve found plenty of wrong-doers. We know who they are and what they’ve done.

Evidence of that wrong-doing by a former President and his minions is overwhelming. Boxes and boxes and boxes have been filled with the findings of this, that and the other investigations. We’ve got paperwork, final reports, video and audio of incriminating acts and other evidence. Enough for several trials.

Let ’em commence.

The new Congress to be sworn in in a week’s time is not likely to be one that gets things done. Just like the last several.


Unless some of the older, wiser and honorable folk can agree – or disagree – on the legitimate issues and take on the tasks of governing to which they’ve sworn. Define whatever common ground of governance there be and get to it!

We’ve been expensively – and poorly – served by several congressional gatherings. In too many instances, the “tail” has “wagged the dog” and many of the tasks to be undertaken have fallen through the large cracks that seem to be everywhere on Capitol Hill.

Yes, we’ve got Marjorie Taylor-Green, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs and several dozen other “crazies” to deal with. And, we’ve got a totally unqualified and overly self-serving persona in Kevin McCarthy, camped out at the door of the House Speaker’s office. Yes, we’ve got “crazies” in both Houses.


At last count, there are far more serious heads existing than the small band of political “terrorists.” If those of the larger, wiser group can put aside the issues dividing them, get together and undertake the job of governing, we will see progress.

Statistically, the aforementioned, obnoxious voices can be muzzled and ignored. There are legislative rules that can – if used in the proper way – dispatch them to the “children’s table,” out-of-sight and out-of-earshot so the adults in the room can do the work before them. Can govern.

Governing is possible if the wiser heads exert the kind of leadership we used to see with the Bob Dole’s, Sam Nunn’s, Hubert Humphrey’s, Sam Irvin’s, and Everett Dirksen’s of the world. Different parties. Different views of the same issues. Different ways of contributing to the whole. But, they did! They made their cases, debated long into the night, voted and resumed governing.

It can still be done. If. If. If those current, wiser heads of both major parties want to do it. It can be done.

And, another thing. This idea of job preservation has got to be overcome. Positions are taken and votes cast based on protecting one’s employment rather than the proper consideration of issues. Some, like Idaho’s Risch and Crapo, don’t have to worry about that. Too many mindless constituents concerned only with the “R” on the ballot have assured them of continued income.

But, there are others – many others in both Party’s – who vote self-interest rather than casting a vote the folks at home might not like.

I used to have a friend who said, the only way he’d run for the Idaho Legislature, is if he could take the floor on the first day and proclaim his intention to vote on every issue on its worth and not what one anonymous voter would think about any singular vote in the next election.

Works for me.

This new Congress will be plagued by the Taylor-Green’s and Boebert’s of the world. They’ll continue to rant and rave in their ignorance. They’ll cling to whatever the newest phony issue is among their far-right sycophants and continue to act as hideous side shows to the work of Congress.


But, they can be shut down and ignored by a larger, smarter majority in both parties. If there is a will to do it. If there are enough wiser heads that want to do the people’s work. If there are enough wiser heads who want to live up to their oaths. Enough who are willing to say “Enough!”

Brothers and Sisters, let us pray.

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