A contemptible bunch

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I’m stumped for a word.

A single word that describes those involved in across-the-board attacks on nearly all public boards, commissions and other quasi-governmental bodies we’ve relied on all our lives. The multi-layered civic bureaucracies of citizen-service that have been the underpinnings of our communities.

I tried “Trumpers.” Although many of the miscreants do follow that chemically-coiffed, vastly damaged human being, not all do so. So that wouldn’t work. “Nut cases.” No, not serious enough. “Aginners.” No, spell check refused..

Like bugs scurrying from under a decaying piece of wood, they’ve crept into our culture with their loony conspiracy theories. They often wave their Trump flags and lists of hundreds of books they want banned from our school and public libraries. Even if not a single book exists. But, not always.

Often we don’t tumble to their threatening idiocy and they sneak in. They like to wrap themselves in “motherhood” and “apple pie” until the voting’s over. But, not always.

Sometimes they’re really clever in deceiving voters until the last minute when you discover some nutcase, right-wing citizen outfit has endorsed one of them. Excellent warning sign, that.

Boise had a school board election a week ago. Several of these cretins snuck into the contest. But, voters got wise to them, re-electing incumbents while adding an 18-year-old student to the board, beating one of their number. All the creepy-crawlies lost.

But, they managed to chase out a North Idaho librarian with their threatening tactics. Quit before her first-year anniversary. Public badgering, threats, causing a ruckus outside her home, screwing up some library board meetings. Good citizens they ain’t.

Often, they’re so far-off base it’s almost comical. But, what they’re up to is far from funny. Their “my-way-or-the-highway” blusters – often devoid of truth or fact – should be taken damned seriously.

Their underhanded attempts to gain power over something – anything – are nationwide in scope. They’ve got I-Net communication links with their own conspiracy-filled publications. They monitor each other’s activities – wins and losses – as it were. They have organization. Frail and amateurish it may be. But, it works.

Whether it’s a school board election, city council, county commission or a mayor’s race, these people are to be avoided like the plague they are. A lot of them look to Trump for “educational” sustenance and continued encouragement. He gives them both in full measure. Like having his own people count the votes, he’s happy to egg them on.

Their presence means it’s even more important than usual for voters to dig around in whatever candidate information or biographies there may be before filling out that ballot. Some “scrub” their websites after a primary win so they look more conventional than they really are. This year, we all need to be even more prepared and forewarned about candidate backgrounds and related info. These nutcases represent a real threat to the body politic.

National races deserve more than the usual preparation before voting. So do those closer to home i.e. county commissions, city council/mayor, school boards and any other public service openings in need of filling. These dangers to democracy are everywhere.

Be careful out there!

In another story about fraudsters, check out Ol’ James Risch in Idaho.

He’s joined dozens of other lowlife Republican members of Congress taking bows from constituents for passage of President Biden’s infrastructure bill. They’re all over the place, crowing about new highways and bridges and other public projects made possible by that new law.

Problem is, with Jimmy, his sidekick Mike Crapo and many of the others, they were “NO” votes when they had the chance to stand up and be counted. Yep, the two of ‘em are out in the Idaho hustings patting themselves on the back, knowing full well they’re lying.

Biden has taken note of these hypocrites in several recent public appearances.

Says the Prez, “I love ‘em, man. They ain’t got no shame.”

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