Christians, they ain’t

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I grew up during years when families went to church. Together. And regularly.

Ours was one of the “mainline” variety. We were taught to love, to honor, to do good works and to respect others. Christianity, they called it. Taught it. Tried to live it.

Christianity. A simple five-syllable word. Very familiar. Denoting love, industry, honor, charity, giving, caring for others and living with adherence to the laws of God. A word spoken in nearly all the languages of the world.

But, nowadays, something’s happened to the word “Christianity.” It’s been hijacked by some folks who’ve used it as justification for disruption, distortion and attacking some of the norms of society.

There’s a form of Christianity extant in our world these days that says, “My way or the highway.” Its adherents believe – make that strongly believe – all of us should abide by and live our lives as they do. Their rules should be the rules for all of us.

We’re seeing this version of Christianity used as a shield in a story out of Boundary County, Idaho, for example. There, a small group of these good “christians” (deliberately small “c”) have demanded the local Librarian toss out 400 books these “christians” say promote homosexuality, bestialityand other indecent lifestyles not to their liking.

The pressure’s been so bad Librarian Kimber Glidden is quitting the job after only nine months, saying nothing in her background could have prepared her for the extremist pressures.

Bonners Ferry is a town of about 2,500 souls. At one of the entrances to downtown there’s a large, red sign saying “This is Trump Country” with an adjoining poster promoting a far-right candidate for Governor.

The Librarian, the Library Board and county commissioners have been inundated with disrupted meetings, attempted recalls and baseless charges for nearly a year by a couple dozen of these “christians” who want those 400 books eliminated. Now!

Well, the “christians” may have their list of books they want banned. But, the library doesn’t have those books. Not one title. None!

Still, that hasn’t stopped the near-rioting, outrageous demands and constant badgering by the “christians” who’ve now driven out the Librarian. No books they want banned exist there. Not one!

Does that “christian” bunch represent all of Boundary County? No, not at all. But, the “christians” have their agenda – their demands that no one in the entire county should have access to “those filthy” books. No, Sir. “Not here!”

This sort of minority bloviating is not confined to Idaho. Or Oregon or Washington. And, the “christian” minorities here and there have demands for all sorts of things. Basically, they want to impose their will – their lifestyle – their religion – their rules on everyone else.

There seems to be a constant that connects most of these malcontents. And, that is they are Trump voters. Their Trump hats, shirts and flags are ever-present in their demonstrations.

For me, there’s a huge disconnect in these people. They call themselves Christians and many actively quote -at length – from the Bible. But, they pay allegiance to a guy who’s currently under investigation by several government agencies and who has at least 22 active court filings charging him with fraud, sexual misconduct, cheating on his taxes and more.

I just don’t get it. This guy doesn’t only have feet of clay. He’s clay clear to the top of his chemically-treated hair. And, one of these days – sooner rather than later – one of those investigations is going to lead to his being formally charged with a crime and a likely conviction. Maybe more than one.

We’re seeing more of this “my-way-or-the-highway” playing out in our politics. Both local and national. Creating these groups, giving them far-right books/videos, furnishing lists of demands for this-or-that, making distinctive clothing and flags – all of this has become a new right-wing “cottage industry” of sorts.

And, it isn’t just libraries in small towns under attack. Our national system of public education is a prominent target. Their demands of our tax dollars to support their private schools – read academies – is a popular subject at the moment. Legislatures from coast-to-coast are being inundated with carbon-copy demands.

Yes, these folks call themselves Christians though they don’t live the teachings of Christ. They don’t shelter the homeless, feed the hungry or clothe the poor. They demand rather than ask. They want others to obey their made-up rules. They follow another “Pontius Pilate.” Or, maybe a new Judas.

These folks will disappear, in time, along with their man-made ideas. They’ll find some new “culture” to adopt. A new leader.

But, real Christianity, in its many forms, will survive. It will outlive them all. Always has. Always will.

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