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I’ve had a birthday this month.

Since I was a “pup,” I’ve been told I could have a “birthday wish.” There’s been many a birthday and many a wish but none so heartfelt as this year: may Democrats hold the House in November. AND the Senate!

Now, I’m among those who realize that statistically, that may not happen. Off-year elections tend to see losses for the political party in the White House. At the moment, that’s the Dems. So, the “pros” in the pre-election guessing game are already giving the edge to the GOP. And, probably, wisely so.

But, taken as a group, Republicans in the House have become less a political party and more a group of “aginer’s” and scavengers. Promoting nothing but division and hate. While their brothers and sisters in the Senate could be measured the same but, over there, they’ve lacked the meanness and vitriol found in the House. They just vote “no” and walk away from the “scene of their crimes.”

Speaker-wannabe McCarthy has been the most critical outspoken and mean-spirited Republican serving under a Democrat-majority. For the purpose of that description, I’m ignoring the continual ignorant and childish outbursts of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Green. It’s to be dearly hoped that, for the purposes of enhancing the IQ of Congress, they and their ilk will be disposed of in November.

No, there’s something more – something just a bit terrifying in McCarthy pronouncements when interacting with the media.

He wants to be Speaker of the House of Representatives so badly that he sounds churlish – if not a bit childish – in his acting out “Just you wait until I’m Speaker.”

Example: Within hours after the FBI served a proper warrant for the search of Donald Trump’s Winter abode, McCarthy popped up on Twitter with a threat aimed squarely at our current Attorney General. He warned Mr. Garland to save all his documents and “clear his calendar” for 2023 hearings under a Republican House majority.

Seems a bit like “counting your chickens before…..” or something similar. But, there he was. Huddled there, next to the throne, awaiting his coronation. And spewing out orders – read threats.

My guess – and this is just common sense – is that the AG and his attending legal brains checked, rechecked and checked once again before asking a federal judge for permission to invade Trump’s abode. Further, I’d have to think anyone challenging Garland on that action will hit a brick wall trying to find something – anything – wrong with the process.

McCarthy’s already promising investigations of Hunter Biden and others of the President’s family, friends and members of his Cabinet. He’s talked of certain Republicans being named chairmen of various committees. He’s even announced the subjects those committees will be looking into.

He wants the top job in the House so he can deal out punishments to Democrats he sees as his “enemies.” He’s not talking of ways to end the bitterness and in-fighting we voters want a stop to. He’s not looking to create worthwhile legislation or work in tandem.

McCarthy wants the Speaker’s job solely for the political power it represents. He doesn’t talk about the serious and widespread responsibilities of the office. No. He sees all Democrats as “nails” and he can’t wait to get his hands on a hammer – er, gavel.

As Speaker, McCarthy would be a loose cannon. His current words and actions are less those of a professional political leader and more of a belligerent boxer, sitting in his corner awaiting the bell for the first round.

If I were granted a second birthday wish, it would be for comity, friendship and working together in our national Congress. It would be for renewed professionalism, maturity and a reborn sense of responsibility in the conduct of this nation’s legislative needs.

Kevin McCarthy represents none of those things. It’s to be dearly hoped his outspoken coveting meets a dead end in about 11 weeks.

I’d make that another birthday wish to that effect but I’ve already had two.

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