Begone, foul spirit

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Are you sick of Donald Trump?

I am!

How much does it take before this man must face punishment for SOMETHING? How many laws must he break – how many lies must he tell – how many women must he violate – how many people must he hurt before something – somewhere – results in his being separated from society?

Before he was President, he monopolized our news coverage each hour of every day. In the four years of his presidency, his face and name were thrust upon us 24/7. In the 18 months of his ex-presidency, we’ve been saturated with him everywhere around us for one damned thing after another. Now, it’s for stealing top secret documents of God-knows-what. Is there no end of him?

There are those who repeatedly tell me “Just wait. Just be patient. One of these days he’s going to go just a little too far and the ‘long arm(s) of the law’ will bring an end to his running free.”

Oh, yeah? Just how much further does he have to go? To Mars?

But, maybe we’re getting close. Closer than we – or he – have ever been. It presently appears to be a race between the Fulton County, Georgia, DA for vote tampering, the New York AG for tax fraud and the feds for stealing top secret documents and possible espionage.

Frankly, I don’t care who gets him or for what. Just nail the bastard!

Nightly, on TV, “taking heads” tell us why he should be indicted, for what and how long the punishment should be. Next morning, the newspaper hits the porch and he’s still there! Everywhere!

One of the best lines on Facebook recently was the feds should dig up the grave of Trump’s first wife near the #1 tee box on his New Jersey, golf course ‘cause he may have buried some docs with her.

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised to learn he’d stolen classified documents upon leaving office. But, what I’d really like to know is if the recovered materials have been copied. I doubt even the state-of-the-art FBI labs can determine that. But, I’d really like to know.

It’s been widely reported no American banks will loan to Trump for any reason. Not hard to believe with all his defaults. So, he’s had to turn to European lenders. The largest of these has been Deutsche Bank to whom he has also defaulted. But, they still “lend” to him.

What if some of those top secret documents were copied and used as “collateral” for new business loans?

Now, not a word has been written or spoken about such a happening. Strictly my thoughts. But, what if?

Everything Trump owns is mortgaged to the hilt. He’s been borrowing from one lender to pay the previous one for years. Sort of a real estate “Ponzi scheme.”

But, if the New York AG is successful in nailing him for playing “hanky panky” with the state tax folk and banks by manipulating the value of his properties, Trump’s likely to default on more loans. Which would leave him with just a shell of his former holdings.

He’ll surely want to get back into business somehow. Going back to European banks would seem to be his only hope. But, what does he have to offer them that’s not already being used as collateral on previous loans?

Now, maybe I spend too much time in the many wine tasting rooms we have around the Willamette Valley. Could be even Trump hasn’t thought of such a scam using our strategic secrets as that necessary collateral. But, what if?

Until the federal investigation(s) are over, we won’t know if such a scenario has been played out. Maybe not even then.

But, as I said at the start of this missive, I’m sick of the SOB and distrust him so much I’d like to think he thought of such a scam long before I did.

So, somebody! Somewhere! Working on an indictment. Please! Please get it done. We’re waiting!

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