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Taken as a whole, Americans are in a sour, somewhat angry mood as we get closer to what is probably the most important off-year election in our brief national history.

Pollsters, questioning dozens of different test groups in dozens of different places and using literally hundreds of people of all ethnicity and economic backgrounds, are coming up with nearly the same conclusions.

We are a worried, troubled nation with many expressing doubts in the abilities of government(s), afraid of future financial conditions and casting about for solutions to seemingly intractable problems like climate change and rising costs of nearly everything. Especially gas at the pump.

Using one such sampling – taken a month ago by CNN and its polling arm – we can see the same profile developed, matching so many other groups.

In sum, the CNN poll, conducted by SSRS, found the public’s outlook on the state of the country to be the worst it’s been since 2009 and the worst view of our economy since 2011.

The sampling group put Biden’s approval rating at just 38-percent with 62-percent disapproving. Even lower, just 25-percent supporting his handling of the economy.

Some 75-percent said inflation and the cost of living were their most pressing problems. A year ago, that figure was at 43-percent.

Even the support of Democrats for Biden was down 13-points just in the last few months. Also dwindling, support of Black and Hispanic voters.

Maybe the most troubling finding is that seven out of 10 say Joe Biden isn’t paying attention to the country’s pressing problems. Seven out of 10!

Those are terrible numbers. Especially with so much riding on those off-year elections.

The problem I find with those polling outcomes is that so many people think the President can just issue an order or decree and such things as high gas prices can be overcome. Or, that Biden can do something about high interest rates. Just order it and it’s done! Which is, of course, wrong-headed.

If the President had any control over gas prices, for example, they’d be at $1.50 a gallon. Why wouldn’t any political professional act to drop the per-gallon costs if he or she had the ability to do so? And inflation. If a wave of the presidential hand could change the level of pain, why wouldn’t we be seeing that wave from the Oval Office?

But, take heart. There’s this. With so much anger being directed at both major political parties, there may be a third choice at the polls. Maybe the most hoped-for – and potentially viable – third party to come on the scene.

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (Republican),
one-time Congressman David Jolly (former GOPer) and businessman Andrew Yang have filed the necessary paperwork to form that third choice, calling the movement “Forward.” Just one word.

In their announcement of “Forward,” you could read – between the lines – these political pros have been listening to pollsters and small group movements of dissidents looking for change.

“Political extremism is ripping our nation apart, and the two major parties have failed to remedy the crisis,” the three wrote in a Washington Post op-ed. “Today’s outdated parties have failed by catering to the fringes. As a result, most Americans feel they aren’t represented.”

Citing the outcomes of several polls, they said some 63-percent want a third party choice.

The goals of “Forward,” as cited by the organizers, are seeking a change to ranked voting in national races, finding answers to gun issues, abortion, open primaries, the end of gerrymandering and nationwide protection for voting rights.

Jolley said Americans – in large numbers – agree on such issues.

“Forward” hopes to be on the ballot in 15 states this Fall and all 50 by the 2024 elections. If so, it would be the first time a third party has been that successful.

Serious, experienced Independent candidates are on the ballots this year in several states. Betsy Johnson is one. She’s on the 2022 ballot in Oregon, running for Governor. Most political observers are giving her third-party candidacy serious thought.

Given the rampant anger over political stalemate in Congress, blame being cast on both Republicans and Democrats for achieving nothing to ease the burdens at home, voters wanting progress on issues of abortion, access to guns, lowering gas prices and curbing inflation, maybe “Forward” has a chance of being successful.

If you’re one fitting the pollster’s profile of an angry, dissatisfied voter, you ought to check ‘em out. Might help with the heartburn.

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