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Whatever you’re doing, STOP!

O.K., now, SIT DOWN. Sit in a comfortable position in your most comfortable chair. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Take a moment – then read on.

“Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float
over to China’s bad air. So, when China gets our good
air, their bad air got to move. So, it moves over to our
good air space. Then – now we got to clean it backup.”

No, those words are not from a child trying to explain climate change to a patient teacher. No, those words are not from a 4-year-old talking to a patient parent. No. Those ARE the words of a U.S. Senate candidate at a recent Georgia Republican event.

Herschel Walker.

The former Heisman winner is the GOP candidate running against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock. Georgia Republicans have placed their bets on Walker. He’s their “horse” in the Senate race.

In the first few months, pollsters had Walker over Warnock by a point or two. Almost dead-even. Then, as Walker – who refused to debate Warnock – made some campaign appearances, the numbers began to shift. For Walker, the shift was down. Most recent Quinnipiac University sampling has it 54%-44% Warnock.

In addition to the above cited example of Walker’s “grasp” of major issues, he’s lied about quite a few things. Like a non-existent career in law enforcement, being CEO of a large company and his at-first denial of having three kids by three women he wasn’t married to. Being a Georgia resident which he isn’t and wasn’t. And much more.

Walker is already being called the male version of Marjorie Taylor-Greene who, by the way, is really from Georgia. And, who appears to be headed to re-election. Whether Walker will join her along the banks of the Potomac is still up for grabs.

Republican nutballs are running things in Georgia. Their current choices of “candidates” for high office confirm that.

But, don’t laugh. The same is true for several states. Including our very own Idaho. The only real difference in Idaho is, once in office, always in office. If you’re a Republican. Right, Jim? Right, Mike and Mike? Makes less work for the state’s GOP committee chiefs who come and go.

Ohio, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin also are fielding candidates who’d be hard-pressed to explain the duties of the offices they’re seeking. In Arkansas, odds are truth-challenged Sarah Huckabee-Sanders appears to be on track to be the state’s next Governor. Now, there’s a scary thought. But, sadly, all too true.

Don’t look for things to change as long as the state committees are filled with Trump-loving folks. The Republican Party’s acceptance of him is poisoning the system from the inside out.

Look no further than the banishment to the Republican wastelands of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. They’re being disowned for simply showing the political character traits of honesty, truth and just plain guts that used to be hallmarks of the GOP. Think John McCain. Margaret Chase Smith. Bob Dole. Mark Hatfield.

The halcyon days of the Republican Party are way, way in the past. As long as the GOP is Trump-infested, those days won’t return. Until they do, you’ll see more Walkers, Taylor-Greens and Huckabee-Sanders. All of whom are filling seats and voting on issues without the knowledge or understanding of same. Their ignorance is a cancer on the “body politic” at a time when this country needs its “best and brightest.”

But, you won’t see the changes necessary if you attack the problem at the top. No, the answer is closer to the bottom. The various central committees. In many states, those are the folks “choosing” who runs and who doesn’t. Until those committees are filled with solid, right-thinking Republicans, all we can expect is more of the same. And, that’s not good enough!

I’d like to give you more “Walkerisms” but the hour is late. And, after a few hours of such research, I need a drink.

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