Destroying democracy

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If those two words are a jolt to you, consider this. If Trump and/or his minions gain national office in the next two elections, those two words are likely to be the eventual outcome.

Never – in my long years – has the future of our Republic been so threatened. You have to look no further than our present Congress to see the antics of those already there.

Boebert, Taylor-Greene, Hawley and their ilk have made the trek to
Mara-Lago to kiss the ring, drink the kool-aid and promise fidelity to the Trump deity.

Across the country, there’s an all-out attack on municipal, county and state elections to get more far-right “patriots” into positions of power to, in some cases, change the outcomes of various races. Cancel the votes cast by the people if the voter outcomes are not to their liking.

Here, in Arizona, we’ve got announced Trumper candidacies up and down the ballot. Several Mara-Lago “faithful” have joined the fray – running for Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State.

In recent elections, this state has gone from “red” to “purple” and seems to be shifting further toward “blue.” Our two U.S. Senators are Democrats. Well, Sinema, sort of.

Idaho has the Trumper Lieutenant Governor trying to unseat the “big guy” in 2022. Already kissed the Trump ring and has hard-copies of the Florida endorsement to pass around.

Speaking of Idaho, the legislature – more specifically the House – has gone off-the-rails, acting like the Idaho Constitution doesn’t apply to Republicans. At least their “brand” of such. Gem State taxpayers are footing a lot of unnecessary per diem and legal bills because of the unwarranted effort to get around the states Constitution.

Many a-year ago, then-Idaho Governor Bob Smylie told me “Every few elections, you’re got to open the closet and sweep everything out – regardless of party. One-party control over a long period can produce a real stench if the people stay too long.” Idaho’s Legislature seems to be living proof

Here in the desert, we had to put up with a Trump-backed, expensive “fraudit” of our last election. Now, other states are copying the failed effort as if “election fraud” is/was a sudden contagion at the polls. It wasn’t. And, likely won’t be if competent candidates prevail.

These aforementioned nutcases – and their actions – are all the proof needed to see where this country is headed if they get control of more elected offices. Imagine Marjorie Taylor-Green as your new governor. Hey, she got to the House of Representatives, thanks to Democrats leaving her an uncontested general election. Governor? Could be. Or, Paul Gosar or Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?

There are a lot of these conspiracy-believing souls out there. They’re being fed daily – hourly – B.S. by their right-wing media. Faux Neus has made possible One America News and other copycats. Radio. TV. Murdock-run newspapers. Nutball rallies. Constant voices drowning out the real world.

Which creates this problem. How can you introduce reality to people who are surrounding themselves with fantasies they believe are real? How do you break the cycles of repeated lies from a mass media that’s constantly feeding them? They’ve effectively sealed themselves off from the rest of us.

Until now, folks on the fringe have pretty-well been left alone to wallow in their little worlds. And, like mold, they’re grown – unchecked and unblocked. Now, with a toe-hold in various levels of government, they’re getting bolder and looking for more.

Unfortunately, that’s what the next two national elections are about. They’ve become so very important. The all-out, right-wing assault on the rest of us is going to manifest itself on the ballot. Oregon. Arizona. Idaho. Virtually every state has the same problem.

The Trump-backed militants are becoming a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got money. They’ve got their own media. They’ve got a larger degree of power. They’re going to show up. Whether as voters or as candidates, they’ll be there on election day. More than ever, an informed electorate is needed to overcome the assault from the far-right.

Without that informed electorate, we could be seeing our democracy destroyed. These next two elections are really that important!

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