Jail his butt

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Can anyone explain to me why Clive Bundy’s old, wrinkled ass isn’t sitting in some federal crossbar hotel? A year after the BLM and other agencies we taxpayers expected better of backed off and let the old bastard off the hook for a million dollars, he’s throwing parties to celebrate his “victory.”

The tab Bundy owes the feds for more than 20 years of unpaid grazing on our land has now risen above a million and it appears he’s gonna keep right on doing what he’s been doing. Stealing. Trespassing. Lying. Blowing smoke. Rabble rousing. Playing right wing “folk hero.” Ignoring a legally-binding contract he signed with the government more than 20 years ago. And not payed a dime on since.

Last weekend, more than a thousand people showed up at his place with RV’s, tents, sleeping bags and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. And, oh yes, lots and lots of guns. Bundy had put out a “social media” invitation to come eat some of his fine beef (which you and I paid for), listen to more lies and hate speech (on land you and I own), fire off a few rounds at government shooting targets, badmouth all things federal and hear his loud claims that he’s “beaten all unconstitutional” authority with his thieving, illegal acts.

How come? Why is this rural Nevada welfare cheat still able to strut around on land you and I own while flicking his middle finger(s) at us and the whole world?

The original Bundy-BLM contract of over 20 years ago was legitimate and binding. Moreover, it was tested some years back in federal court and upheld. The BLM has absolute authority to enforce it and can call in any other agencies necessary to help solve the issue. But it hasn’t made a move.

Ah, but don’t lose hope. Bureau spokeswoman Ceclia Boddington sent out a press release last weekend – a press release – saying the agency “remains resolute” in its goal to resolve the “dispute administratively and judicially.” She came in on Sunday to write it.


If you or I owed the IRS a million for six months, we’d have agents at the door, bank accounts tied up and a date with zealous penal authorities to be fitted for a jumpsuit. This old bastard owes $1.1 million and he’s serving steak burgers and cold beer to a bunch of armed nuts while flipping off the rest of the world.

When law enforcement backed off last year, it was a black eye for justice but it was understandable, given the amount of ammunition and the number of boozed up, itchy trigger fingers poised to do God-knows-what. Hard to swallow – but it was right.

So – we’re a year down the trail and nothing’s changed. Certainly, during that time – 365 days – a few well-armed and determined government reps could’ve called on the old boy, served the right documents and hustled his butt off to jail. Proper agencies could have cut his electricity, turned off any outside water supplies, stopped his mail, cut off his Internet access, blocked his roads and collected his cattle. They didn’t. Why?

Something else I’d like to know but never will. How many other unprincipled rural hustlers out there have started defaulting on their contracts because one old bastard in Nevada appears to have – you should pardon the word – “cowed those damned bureaucrats?” You can bet your maiden aunt’s silver collection there have been some. So, what’s the total red ink on government books from uncollected, legally contracted obligations for this-that-and-the-other? Timber. Mining. Drilling. Water. Exploration. Tourism. Recreation.

Bundy is not just a national disgrace. Not just a lawbreaker. Not just some crazy old coot out in the desert. More than those, he represents a total disrespect for – and the flaunting of – law in particular, and society in general. And our government – like a detached parent – has so far let him default on his so-called “binding obligations” to both government specifically and society in general. Us!

What he considers “patriotism” is to defy and deny the government obligations under which he lives – the government that furnishes electricity, water, roads and infrastructure making it possible for him to live 100 miles from nowhere out in his fantasy land. The rest of us define patriotism as loving our country, living with our neighbors in peace, joining in a sense of community to improve the nation. And paying our obligations.

It’s time- damn it – it’s way past time for that old SOB to be brought to heel – for him to relearn the civics lessons he got in elementary school – to get in the national boat with the rest of us.

Failing that, he ought to be given extended residency in that crossbar hotel. With or without the tailored, orange jumpsuit.

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