Art Robinson. Really?

Author: Barrett Rainey

Leadership of Oregon’s Republican Party has finally taken the fatal leap off the edge of its own square world, guaranteeing itself a place in obscurity for the foreseeable future. The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Folks overseeing what’s left of our old Oregon GOP have put a knife to their own throats. That instrument is a guy totally unqualified to make the Party a viable choice for most voters. A stunning decision!

Art Robinson not only has failed multiple times as a candidate for office in our little piece of heaven – he’s also become synonymous with whacko philosophies and nut case ideas. He may have a PhD in some scientific field. But he’s repeatedly demonstrated – when it comes to politics and political philosophy – he’s totally uneducated.

From his little compound in the Oregon woods, Robinson has made a living selling home school materials containing many ideas sure to pollute the normal educational growth of the unsuspecting. He’s also challenged – without facts – two Oregon institutions of higher learning in more than one fit of perceived persecution of himself or his family. He twice failed miserably in his own runs to beat Rep. Pete DeFazio. He backed a ludicrous attempt to use one of his sons as a hand puppet to defeat DeFazio in a “Democrat” primary. “Lipstick on a pig” as has famously been stated by another Republican nut case.

Robinson’s made a fool of himself locally, statewide and nationally in various public appearances. Trying to trace his illogical thinking is akin to trying to follow strands of spaghetti on a full plate. He’s infamously written down some of his nuttier philosophy. Then, when challenged, falsely accused more than one inquisitor of quoting him out of context.

At risk to your personal comfort zone, here are a few of his most oft-expressed square world philosophies which can be found in his writings or on his website:

## Public education should be abolished.
## Public schools are no more than jails.
## Public education is a form of child abuse.
## Nuclear waste should be diluted and sprinkled over the ocean.
## Nuclear waste should be diluted and used in home building.
## Humans are not the root cause of global warming.
## HIV does not cause AIDS and AIDS was a “false crisis.”

There are more – many more – but you get the idea.

He’s accused two Oregon universities – without proof – of trying to block his offspring from getting their advanced degrees. Both challenges dismissed after third-party examinations. He accused – without proof – the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce of “fixing” a debate with DeFazio and of not allowing his supporters to participate. Again – B.S..

When you look at some of the crazies and whacko’s in state or national political offices, serious people have to ask themselves how they got there. The Robinson example is the most basic answer to that question.

Leaders of Oregon’s Republican Party do NOT represent the views of most of the Party statewide. They’re far to the right of even responsible conservatives. Robinson’s election is proof of that. The 99.9% of Republicans who go to the polls had no voice in his elevation to chairman. But his supporters – even though few in number – hold the top Party offices and they decide things.

In state after state, you’ll find this same situation of minorities-of-minorities running things. Slowly – over a period of several decades – party workers far out of the mainstream labored in the thankless “worker bee” jobs until they took over. Now they – not rank-and-file Republicans – control who runs the party. And, in many, many cases, who gets on the ballots in primary and general elections. Do you really think Art Robinson from the looney fringe was legitimately the lone Republican challenger to DeFazio in the entire Fifth Congressional District by choice of the Party at-large? Twice?

If you look at the Bachmans, Gohmerts, Walshs, Kings and other voices of craziness in Congress – really look at how they got there – you have to go no further than the state Republican central committees. Like Robinson, these folks came out of minority-of-minority nominating processes. The “worker bees” are now the “Queen bees.” And will be until they’re replaced by responsible Republicans fed up with ‘em. Many, many years down the road.

So, Oregon Republicans have a new Party Chairman. It’s hard to tell who’s happier – the little band of flat-earthers running the Party. Or Democrats.

In the words of that old Chinese adage, “Be careful what you wish for.”

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