She’s just one of too many

Author: Barrett Rainey

Sorry to see Bachman go? No. I’m just sorry about 40 more of the same ignorant ilk aren’t going with her.

That feeling is likely shared by a lot of others who follow the machinations of our national political system. Others who remember “statesmen” like Dole, Baker, Humphries, Dirksen, Roberts, Byrd, Brooke, O’Neill, Nunn, Hatfield, Church, Jackson, Mansfield, Jackson, Kennedy (2), Fulbright, McClure and many more. Talented people who made the system work. Sudents of government as well as politics. Whatever party affiliations – whatever their places on the political spectrum left to right – they were good at what they did. They loved what they did. They were – above all – effective in what they did.

Take the words “good,” “loved” and “effective.” Do those adjectives work for Bachman? Gingrigh? Gohmert? King? Issa? Ryan? Brown (2)? Paul (2)? Rubio? Cruz? Flake? Imhoff? Several dozen more?

Those people – and far too many others – came to the national spotlight unwilling to serve their expected apprenticeship – to learn the fine art of the deal – to understand the “big picture” of government and their elected role in it. To grow beyond themselves.

Those named – and many more – suffer from the “Palin Syndrome.” They have all the symptoms – the most deadly of which is the “I-know-what-I-know-and-I-don’t-need-to-know-any-more” fever. Each achieved – as did the principle practitioner of that illness – a modicum of success by running for – and being elected to – public office. And there the learning process stopped. Those who are successful in affairs political will tell you “that’s where the learning begins.”

Clinton, Reagan, Kennedy, Bushes (2), Carter, Ford and many more who got to the Oval Office after lengthy successful political service agreed on one factual statement. Nothing – even years of national political experience – nothing can prepare you for the presidency. The same is true coming into your first months – years – in Congress. It ain’t the city council.

But Palin, Bachman et al got to the front door of their respective elected offices, sat down behind the desk and proceeded to talk and act as though all us other poor, frightened folk had just been waiting for their ascension to save us from the fires of bureaucratic Hell.

Bachman and her wingnut peers fit that description. In addition to the “I-know-all-I-need-to-know” fatal flaw, Bachman and a couple dozen fellow travelers have been serial liars. She’s been dishonest with her backers and many people around her who trusted her and looked up to her. She’s also the subject of two current government investigations into her campaign and business affairs. And ethics. If any.

In eight years, she has produced one useless piece of legislation. But she’s made millions fleecing the right wing with fact-less speeches, phony charges and outright lies. A showman she may be. Fit for public service she is not.

Palin, Bachman, Gingrich, Santorum and Ron Paul – among others – have used national public office as a stepping stone to riches. None of them distinguished themselves in public service – Gingrich forced out of office – Palin quitting halfway through her term – Santorum badly defeated at the polls at the end of his first term. But each has used celebrity – good or bad – to make millions off frightened people who hang on their every word. Books, videos, over-priced speeches. Anything for a buck.

Can you apply the words “good,” “loved” or “effective” to any of them?

We’re in our current economic mess for many reasons. But one large factor is because those folks – and others like them – helped put us there through ignorance and self-service. Can you say “sequester” as just one example? Debt ceiling failures for another? Now, though our national economy is gaining momentum, Bachmnan and the rest are impeding progress and have become roadblocks rather than boosters. Instead of using government as a tool to help improve life for millions of Americans, they blame government for all our troubles and – through the sequestration idiocy – are instead making that life miserable for millions.

Recent polling in her congressional district has shown an eroding electoral base as voters have gotten tired of her failed political antics. There are others who deserve similar rejection to remove them from participating on the national stage. Palin, Gingrich and the rest are seen less and less these days. Former supporters are looking for new idols. New false “gods.”

Because we seem to put up with these unfit publicity seekers longer than we should, there will be others. Trying to make a buck out of celebrity. Like Bachman, Palin and Gingrich, they’ll fail, too. You can bet on it.

It’s hard to fulfill the needs of others when you’re so full of yourself.

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