The time writing a column such as this is best when your mood is creative. When thoughts become easily to mind. When the “juices” flow through the fingers on the keyboard. When words just fall in line. When you’re relaxed. So saying, I’m about as politically pissed as I‘ve ever been!

A wise editor often advised not try to write when in that condition. Or, if I just have to, go ahead but wait to publish for 24 hours and see if the anger is still the same. I have. It did. It is. And here goes.

Our national political campaign du jour is a mess. It’s awash in money as a dozen or so billionaires try to reshape our society into an oligarchy of their choosing. Political “professionals” are morphing what should be clear candidate positions into the vanilla deemed necessary to keep from displeasing anyone because polls are so close. Most national media are serving up what floats to the surface rather than doing the research necessary to separate campaign verbal wheat from campaign verbal chaff.

Democrats are deep in their national convention this week. Whether they improve the tenor of the campaign remains to be seen for a few days. Whether they offer more “red meat” than we saw with Republicans last week will be apparent in the next 72 hours.

But one thing we are seeing as Republicans return home is the meanest, cruelest and most despicable conduct by Mitt Romney and his campaign in today’s American politics. It’s a flat out lie and is aimed squarely at senior citizens.

Romney has approved a robocall campaign. Robocalling is usually computer-based. A recorded message is played to the person picking up the phone. Strictly a one-way call. It’s a crafted message meaning the candidate – or campaign – wants to plant a particular thought or idea in the recipient’s mind. “Vote yes.” “Vote no.” “I’m candidate “X” and I want to give you a special message.” When the call ends, the phone goes dead, the computer dials another number and on and on.

What Romney has done is approve one of these one-way robocalls with a message accusing President Obama of “changing Medicare forever.” It is showing up in several states so the intent seems to be to spread this verbal garbage nationally.

By now, you know what I think of it. Here’s the script so you can draw your own conclusion: “Some think Obamacare is the same as free health care – but nothing is free,” says the recorded, authoritative, professional voice. “Obama is raiding $716 billion from Medicare, changing the program forever. Taxing wheel chairs and pacemakers, raising taxes on families making less than $120,000. Free health care comes at a very high price. The Romney-Ryan plan will restore Medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation.”

O.K. You’ve got it. What do you think?

Here are my thoughts. It’s a lie. Front to back. Top to bottom. A lie. What angers me so much is that it’s a lie aimed at seniors. A group of people already living with – and dependent upon – Medicare. For nearly all of them, it’s the basis of their health care. In our present unsettled national times – with seniors everywhere experiencing losses in their home values and whatever planned retirement accounts they may have created – with seniors having more serious health issues late in life – this sort of threat to their well-being can create panic. It’s no stretch to say such a message detailing loss of something as basic and as important as health care can scare the most vulnerable in our society. Even terrify.

But the Romney campaign is doing it anyway. They’ve been telling this phony story of Obama cutting Medicare for weeks. The fact is, cuts that were made under the Affordable Health Care Act, extend the life of the program from 2016 to 2024. And the reductions are not targeted at seniors. None. They’re cuts in subsidies to private Medicare Advantage plans and payments to hospitals and other providers. Cuts hospitals and providers approved of – along with other health insurance changes.

Fact is, Paul Ryan put the same amount in cuts in his plan which was approved months ago by House Republicans – the one that would kill off Medicare in favor of health vouchers for seniors. But Ryan took those billions from the seniors – not providers. That’s a fact!

Ryan – the lower half of the Romney Republican ticket – has been spending more of these post-GOP Convention days admitting some lies and trying to back away from others. But video recordings, news releases, public records and testimony of people involved in some of his stories have made it impossible to erase some of his claims.

Now, he and Romney are sponsoring not only a major lie, they’re aiming it directly at senior citizens. Seniors who pick up the phone, are told the President is undercutting their health care needs and levying a tax on every American making less than $120,000 a year. Which is most of them.

The voice says all that and hangs up. It’s a dead phone. The senior has no one to talk to – no one to answer immediate questions – no one to tell him/her what they’ve just been told is a lie – no one to calm the fears so many will feel after such a message.

This is an unconscionable and callous act. It’s coldly calculated to make seniors afraid. Most of all, it‘s contemptible

It is my sincere hope Democrats meeting in Charlotte this week will highlight that lie, call it for what it is and make sure the truth of the situation is clearly and repeatedly explained. To seniors and all other eligible voters.

These calls – like political ads – require approval of the candidate before use. Romney and Ryan have been playing fast and loose with some other issues of truth lately. But this one is straight from the bottom of the barrel.

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