Several recent polls I’ve seen put a positive evaluation of for our U.S. Congress at 20% or less. Put another way, only one in five people you meet – walking down your street, in your church or in a restaurant – only one in five thinks the national legislative body we elected to serve us is doing so. The percentage of people who support the Boston Red Sox is higher. Even in New York.

Never in my long life have I seen respect for institutions of governance lower than it is today. Especially the U.S. Congress. Break those polls down and you’ll find the least support for the House of Representatives. Less than 15%. Makes no difference which party the poll respondent may – or may not – belong to. The electorate has lost confidence congress will do its work. Our work. I’m ashamed to say I’m one of the four.

At no time has there been a group so hellbent to destroy that confidence – and in the process the basis of how we’re governed – as House Republicans. Blame for that must go to Speaker Boehner, though not him alone. Since the election of 2010, he has not had a day when he could set an agenda and count on his troops to carry it out. Just the opposite. He’s been mercilessly pounded on by screwball members of his own caucus to represent the self-interests of a minority so intellectually vacant they should not be allowed driving privileges, much less a vote in congress. They’ve held a gun to Boehner’s back. So, the Weeper – a man enjoying the limousines, massive suite of offices, huge staff, higher paycheck and all the other trappings of House leadership – has become their willing shill.

The most recent attempt by Boehner and his wrecking crew to repeal our new health care law – the 33rd such attempt – the 33rd such completely impossible attempt – places a high water mark on the old congressional wall for political arrogance and ignorance that will likely go unequaled. With absolute disregard for the economic mess we’re all in right now, they’ve done so at a cost of nearly $50 million of our paid taxes. Just for that. Just for THAT!

CBS News Nancy Cordes did the research. The results of her work are stunning. And – in my mind at least – amount to criminal conduct by a lot of elected fools. Since 2011, Boehner and crew have taken up 80 hours of floor time in fruitless attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. In a normal working schedule – certainly not a congressional work schedule – the Congressional Research Service calculates it costs $24 million per week to operate the full House for those 40 hours.

So, two weeks (80 hours) times $24 million totals $48 million. $48 million!

On top of that, the Associated Press makes several valid points. First, there has never been a doubt – even if the House passed a repealer – that it would get to the floor in the Senate. Not one doubt. Either party. January, 2011, was the first date tried. They did it 32 more times. Nothing’s changed.

Boehner publically maintains “The American people overwhelmingly want us to repeal Obamacare.” He’s lying and you know it. Some politicians may not be able to walk and whistle at the same time. But all of them – including Boehner – know how to read polls. And polling has been consistent for months. Some show slight majority support for the health care law, many are evenly divided. But none – none – show “overwhelming” public support for repeal. None. Buehner knows that.

Additionally, the GOP has included in those 33 votes such things as denying salaries to government officials who enforce the law, abolishing an official board charged with holding down future Medicare costs and attempts to repeal taxes on medical equipment. All tucked inside their repeal votes but largely unreported in the media. All passed, then died.

Then there’s this from that same independent Congressional Research Service. Introduced by 112th House Republicans starting in 2011:

## 46 bills on abortion
## 113 bills on religion
## 73 bills on family relationships
## 36 bills on marriage
## 72 bills on firearms
## 604 bills on taxation
## 467 bills on government investigation

To that list you can add one more completely GOP action: unanimously blocking the American Jobs Act

At the same time, no bills -not one – on job creation, fixing our failing national infrastructure, budget setting, redeeming our national credit rating (which they lost), addressing our national deficit. And on and on and on.

You may ask “What about Democrats in the House?” Well, Virginia, those Democrats don’t control the House, have no voice in bills taken up for a vote and have not been allowed to introduce much of their own legislation. Control is all a game of numbers and – at the moment – they’re shut out. The agenda, such as it is, is all Republican. And that agenda has been crap.

Will all this make a difference at the polls in November? Will the miscreants be voted out? Will the next Congress address our problems? The answers are – in order: probably not – doubtful – not likely.

The cretins who control the House are not smart enough to realize the damage they’re doing. They’ve drunk from the Potomac. That lethal liquid has mixed with – and fed – their ignorant ideological drive to undo 225 years of what they perceive as being wrong with this country. And to do so in a year or two. So far their major achievement has been to stymie the better minds who really want to improve our national conditions. They’ve achieved nothing.

They’ve also cost our national governance system the confidence of a lot of the American people for whom it has existed for centuries. For whom it was created. And they’re too damned dumb to know it.

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