Now, THAT’S funny, right there!

Author: Barrett Rainey

Much as the fringy right of our national T-publican party makes me feel like bathing more often, when one of their number comes up with something that makes sense, I like to give ‘em their due. Such a rare occasion has happened.

One doesn’t expect something politically accurate – or politically amusing – to come out of the mouth of Rep. Louie Gohmert in the Texas First District. Most of his quotes are pablum for the far right and his attendance in our Congress is thanks to them. Before his move to D.C., he was a judge. For someone whose political opinions often remind one of an intellect 10 points less than moss, his ascension to the Texas bench was a source of amazement. Until reminded of “Judge” Roy Bean. Another Texas “jurist.” Then it became clearer.

Gohmert is a “birther” whose public pronouncements sometimes have a tinge of racism. His grasp of anything political seems filtered through Tea bag philosophy along with his friend and fellow fringer Ms. Bachmann. Still, on this one occasion, in Texas yet, his accuracy was surprising.

Gohmert was talking to a couple of hundred souls of like mind at a district meeting. He was asked – as a Santorum supporter – if he would endorse the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney. In the name of party “unity,” of course.

Gohmert’s answer is one for the ages.

“We should all support him,” he said. “After all, during his campaign, he’s agreed with each of us on at least one issue.” Biddy Bing – Biddy Bong!

Now, that’s what I consider a ringing “endorsement.” If the Romney camp is happy with that, Gohmert could be in the running for Mitt’s Secretary of State. Unless the “black helicopters” stage of his life left him too scarred.

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