As a too-often recipient of large amounts of anti-Obama hate mail on the Internet for some time now, I’ve got to admit some of it has been beneficial. Yep, “makin’ a pig into a slipper” as Grandma Prudie used to say.

What it’s done is force me do more research to make sure the B.S. I thought it was was the B.S. it really was. Despite many pleas to correspondents, it keeps coming. Only now, giving in to the curiosity most serious reporters are born with, I’ve got more ready-answers of fact. Because I’ve tracked so many phony – and often outright racist – charges.

That should not be read as my always being ready to defend the President or his administration. I’m not. As is the case with all political inhabitants of the White House, there is always room for criticism, second-guessing or just complaining. Of all of ‘em. That’s just our “American way.”

But – in nearly all of this factually-vacant garbage – Mr. Obama is blamed for everything from promoting communism to the invention of the common cold. He does not and he did not. But the bogus charges just keep coming as the polluted – and often fraudulent or anonymous – trash keeps piling up.

I got one the other day that, at face value, was supposedly written by a columnist in the Wall Street Journal. Really ripping the President a new one! Got my blood boiling but not for whatever reason the sender had in seeing it got to my computer. After a little checking, it turned out the “columnist” was bogus; the article never appeared in The Journal and was – in fact – a “letter to the editor” in some small Iowa newspaper.

Got another recently. Long, very long missive filled with absolutely every charge you could think of blaming the President for sabotaging our entire economy over the last three years. Had I chosen to refute the refutable – which was nearly all of it – I’d have been researching for weeks. Instead, it was much easier to start with the first paragraph which blamed Obama – and “a congress controlled by Democrats in 2007″ – for sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average to “today’s low of 11,237.”

Going to the top of my I-net opening screen showed the Dow closing for that day at 12,884. Now that’s a small thing but it tells me that nearly all the rest of the content was as far from the truth. Just needed a little research.

Got another accusing Mr. Obama of “communistically” – the word the sender used – “taking over American car companies.” The sender said “we taxpayers now own and are operating GM, Chrysler and Ford.”

Well, for openers, Ford took no government bailout dollars. Ah, research when prodded. Chrysler – after posting the highest profit last month that it has had in over a decade – has paid more than half its loan. GM has paid back about half and posted record earnings. Which means more repayment. GM stock the Fed now owns will be held until the market price reaches a profitable point, then sold. All this as opposed to Mitt Romney’s advice that “they should have been allowed to go bankrupt.” Hundreds of thousands of jobs – if not millions – saved, all three companies making far better products than they used to and without any politicians “directing the companies” as several emails have misinformed me they did or do. They didn’t and don’t.

Another of the specious messages in my inbox – in fact many others – blamed the President for “interfering in our free-market economy” by making $30 billion in taxpayer-backed loans to small banks. “Money,” the sender said, “we’ll never see again.”

Well, actually, only $4 billion of the $30 billion set aside was loaned under the Small Business Lending Fund. It was anticipated some of those banks would go belly-up even with support and we taxpayers would lose about $ 1.3 billion. Fact is, Treasury Secretary Geithner has reported to Congress – under oath – the fund will return a net profit of about $80 million.

As for “interfering in our free-market economy,” we haven’t had a “free-market” economy in this country in more than 100 years. Haven’t had and won’t have. For many reasons. But the biggest is our ever-greater interlocking ties in the world economy. Our economic future – for better or worse – will rise or fall with most other nations. Nothing “free” about it.

But I digress. No president in our history has been the subject of such wide-spread vilification, outright lies and race-baiting as Barack Obama. Not one. The Internet has made it easier for cowards and hate-mongers to hide; for liars to lie; for racists to get outsized attention to their dementia; for those who are ignorant – or deliberately dedicated to being so – to continue in their sorry state. None of them, it seems, can be held personally accountable. Facts be damned!

But for the rest of us, we can be held accountable to do a little checking; some individual research as it were. Find out the facts. Not because we’re Republicans or Democrats or Independents. But because we’re Americans.

Believe me, the more checking you do about this tidal wave of B.S. on your computer screen, the more familiar you’ll be with the “delete” key. And your country. Research can be good for ya. Yeah, it really can.

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