For too many months, we’ve listened to each of you slamming each other, pounding the current president, complain about dozens of subjects and generally oppose everything governmental up and down the line. Each of you has made impossible “promises” to do “this-and-that.” And we’ve heard much about your individual “social” agendas.

Herewith, a list of some of your promises from the campaign trail that ain’t gonna happen. Remember, to do any of these, you would need control of – or a huge bi-partisan vote in – the Congress.

## We will not colonize the moon in the next nine years.

## We will not eliminate the Department of Education.

## We will not eliminate the Department of Homeland Security.

## We will not eliminate OSHA, EPA or any other major federal agency.

## We will not stop airport screenings.

## We will not eliminate the new health care law.

## We will not eliminate the Federal Reserve.

## We will not go back to the gold standard.

## We will not stop issuing federal paper money.

## We will not give states the right to print their own money.

## We will not repeal the Dodd-Frank law.

## We will not stop direct election of members of the U.S. Senate.

## We will not adopt the crackpot scheme of a flat tax. Or 9-9-9.

## We will not eliminate the Internal Revenue Service.

## We will not remove more regulations dealing with Wall Street.

## We will not eliminate all federal firearms statutes.

## We will not resign from the United Nations.

## We will not eliminate foreign aid.

## We will not move our embassy in Israel.

## We will not have a federal law banning all abortions.

## We will not make grade school kids “deputy janitors.”

## We will not make Congress a part time legislative body.

We’ve been fed a steady diet of these and other fantasy, fact-free items for nearly a year. Collectively, you’ve wasted our time. You’ve wasted hundreds of millions of dollars promising all this – dollars that would have been better spent to make life easier for a lot of hurting Americans. You’ve abused our sensibilities with such phony talk. You’ve worn out your welcome in the homes and lives of millions of thinking people of all political stripe. You’ve embarrassed us as a nation in the eyes of the entire world. You have lied to us.

You’ve short-changed and badly misjudged the intelligence of the majority of voters in this country as you’ve pandered to one small group after another. All of you. You’ve made statements that would further divide us rather than unite us. You’ve shown a willingness to become political opportunists – at the expense of truth – to achieve your personal ambitions. Your collective ravings have set the bar for seeking the office of President very, very low.

Considering these things for which you say you stand, it is my dear hope that the only way any of you will enter the White House in the future is with a visitor’s badge.

You keep this up and we’ll see you on election day. For the last time.

Very truly yours,

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