My Webster’s Dictionary defines “de-ja vu” as something overly or unpleasantly familiar.” My synonym is more simple: expectations of Congress.

September 3rd, the column in this space was headlined “Well, the politicians have slickered us again.” Since Congress was stalemated about how to reduce our incredible national debt, the “super” committee had just been appointed to solve the whole issue. To keep them on-point, congressional “leadership” set a date of Nov. 23rd as a “drop-dead-certain” deadline. If there was no plan from “super” committee, there would be automatic Draconian cuts in the federal budget.

Well, Nov. 23rd is about upon us. The national media – as predicted two months ago – began the “countdown clock” on TV and Internet screens last week. The committee’s accomplished nothing. It will accomplish nothing. As I said at the time: “The idea of a “super” committee was bogus from the git-go. Talking heads (will) predict a financial doomsday. The committee … will go nowhere. The deadline will pass. Without (Draconian) cuts. Without action.”

Now, comes no greater authority on the ways of Congress than Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). As I write, we are two days from that phony deadline. And the Senator’s words this day are: “The Congress is not bound by this. It’s something we passed. We can reverse it.”

McCain is spot on! I rest my case. In fact, case closed. This was puppet theater from the beginning.

The entire process of wasting the last two months was deliberately created by congressional leaders who appointed the doomed 12. The six Democrats were instructed not to accept entitlement changes. None. Upon penalty of political death. Republicans were charged not to accept a penny in revenue increases. Not one cent. Upon penalty of political death. When all members of any group created to “negotiate” or “compromise” are instructed to do neither … well … you know.

And here’s another political bon mot to chew on. It’s been nearly 100 days since Standard & Poor’s downgraded our national credit rating because of our debtor nation status in the world and the lengthy and steadfast refusal of our government to take steps to address it. This means higher interest rates are piling billions of dollars on top of our already trillions in debt. And Congress has done what to address the issue in those hundred days? Specifically? What?

Nothing! Not one piece of legislation. Not one hearing. Not one decision. NOTHING! Now S&P is making noises backstage that it could act again which would mean the interest on our debt would be so high we could never pay it, much less the principle. NOTHING!

To those who say the people of the Occupy movements extant in the land are a bunch of hippies, ne’er-do-wells, complainers, food stamp huggers, malcontents, miscreants, dropouts and bums without direction or message, these two political failures are proof you are wrong! Very wrong!

Their message is my message. And it should be yours. Frustration with a federal government absolutely unwilling to address the issues which are dividing this country and hurting millions. You don’t need a formal leadership to articulate that message. You don’t need a formal list of grievances to nail to the door of Congress. This is not Martin Luther being picky-picky with the Roman Catholic Church!

Our nation is slowly being brought to its knees. A country that could never be conquered from without is bleeding cancerously from within. In the name of ideology, we are in danger of being done in by an unresponsive government and individuals who have the financial means to corrupt that system of governance.

The warning for this was sounded 173 years ago. The words are old and dust-covered but the meaning is as relevant as today’s headlines. And they were spoken by a wise – very wise – Republican.

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.” Abraham Lincoln – January 27, 1838

If you still think this can’t happen here, I submit the current suicidal political behavior attacking our form of government from atop Capitol Hill and the billions of dollars being spent by a few to assure life as we know it will disappear. Replaced by their idea of a corporate society overseen by a “board of directors” of their choosing.

Congress is sterile political puppetry, unable to govern. The people in the street – and I promise there will be more of them – are there because the purpose of government to do collectively what we are unable to do individually is being thwarted from the bank to the ballot box.

Mr. Lincoln’s words are relevant. And damned scary!

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