When following the often garish verbal output of too many politicians in this country – especially in Congress – only newcomers to the wonkish game are shocked when statements are made containing little if any truth. To our national sorrow, we’ve come to expect it and even learned to live with it.

But arrogance? Now that’s another story. Our political roadsides are littered with the carcasses of truth-challenged politicians who fooled the voters for awhile, then succumbed to arrogance. Two political names making unwanted headlines in recent days are my most recent nominees for the Wall of Shame that certainly must exist somewhere.

First, Herman Cain, the Godfather’s pizza guy who wants Republicans to move him into the White House kitchen. He’s a highly opinionated multi-millionaire, brim full of ego, taking his personal success far too seriously. For our purposes, in one week, he struck out twice at the plate.

While being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal – speaking of opinionated – Cain said the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors in the streets of dozens of cities in recent weeks, are “anti-capitalist” and are “orchestrated by the Obama administration to distract from its failed economic policies.” He quickly added he has no evidence that is factual. But he ignorantly and most arrogantly said it for worldwide publication anyway. One strike for lying; one strike for arrogance. One more and he’s out of the game, right?

Well, it took him less than three minutes to get strike three. These are his exact words: “Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” POW! Strike THREE!!! Even my apolitical career teacher wife came unglued! Now that’s ARROGANCE. All capital letters.

There is so much wrong and purely hypocritical in those quotes I refuse to spend any more time with them. Or Mr. Cain.

The second Wall of Shame award goes to the Republican Majority Leader in the U.S. House, a little fella never known to be timid in speaking his small mind or spreading arrogance like so much fertilizer. Eric Cantor is the epitome of the arrogant politician. Check your Webster’s Dictionary. That’s his picture. Right there next to the definition.

His current offering also dealt with the very peaceful and seemingly multi-cultural “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations. Cantor was speaking to a group of like-narrow-minded people at the “Voter’s Values Summit.” An oxymoron if ever there was one.

Cantor’s arrogance: the protestors are “a mob.” His exact words: “This administration’s failed policies have resulted in an assault on many of our nation’s bedrock principles. If you read the newspapers today I, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street. And, believe it or not, some in this town have condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans.”

Now wait just a damned minute! “Mob?” “Americans against Americans?” Let’s do a little fact checking.

A year or so ago, we had people in the streets of Washington, D.C., waving American, Confederate, skull and crossbones and “Don’t Treat on Me” flags. None on Wall Street. They flashed their protest posters, reprinted by the thousands by billionaire backers. In streets today, bottoms of cardboarad boxes with hand lettering. The D.C. “protesters” carried pictures of our president with a Hitler moustache. None in the current marches. Many wore sidearms or carried long rifles. No guns on Wall Street. Now, you define “mob.”

The far right contingent of Congress greeted the first group with open arms and speeches. None in New York. Among the TP speakers? Yeah, him! Cantor. “We’re with you,” he promised.

Normally, I’d take the next paragraph or two to further contrast the “Tea Party” and the “Occupy Wall Street” gatherings. Cantor’s widely distributed ignorance – and that arrogance – make that unnecessary.

If Speaker Bohner were Julius Caesar, certainly Eric Cantor would be his Brutus. He’s not even careful in concealing the dagger. Cantor and a lot of his followers are completely divorced from reality. He’s one of those who have sickened politics in this country with far right ideology and ego-driven tactics to be “somebody.” When you unscramble the mess that is our grid-locked and hopelessly impotent Congress, you’ll find Cantor at the bottom of the pile, struggling to control the ball.

The Cain’s and Cantor’s of this world have no care for people on Main Street, Anytown, U.S.A. They wallow in their detached worlds, trying to climb over everybody else to get to the top. Even with a couple of beers in him, you couldn’t make Eric Cantor see the difference between the marches in New York and Washington. Remember, after the last hurricane that smashed a good portion of his own congressional district, it was Cantor who said he would not allow FEMA supplemental funding to help even his own folks unless the same amount of dollars were immediately cut from other federal budgets. Case closed.

Sadly, nearly all the GOP presidential candidates this year are cut from the same Cantor-Cain cloth. They’re chasing and claiming the same narrow-minded ideological base. They differ only in sex; not philosophy.

I hope the “Occupy Wall Street” folks – like the ones we’re seeing in our own Northwest backyards – prosper and multiply. I pray the messages of the most personal survival needs of jobs, mortgage relief and a government that supports rather than destroys carry the day. Today and every day.

The arrogant elixir represented by Cain and Cantor has poisoned our political system. They and their ilk have been allowed to stand in our national spotlight far too long.

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