Let’s scrap primary elections

Problem: About 80 percent of registered voters in Idaho do not vote in primary elections and that percentage probably increase when closed primaries go into effect.

 Problem: I don’t care what any judge rules, party registration is a violation of privacy. Registering as a Democrat is tantamount to registering as a Communist in this state.

 Problem: Who wants to register as a Democrat anyway? Republicans offer the only real action in primary elections.

 Solution: End primary elections and let the parties figure out for how to select their candidates for the general election.

 Instead of going through the motions of primary elections, where only a few participate, put the nominating power in the hands of convention delegates.

 One upside to letting the conventions decide is candidates would not be forced to spend truckloads of money on campaigns that nobody cares about. Another upside is Idaho wouldn’t have to spend taxpayer money to conduct these stupid elections.

 If Idaho can’t draw more than 20-25 percent turnout in primary elections, then this is the election system that Idahoans deserve.

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One Response to Let’s scrap primary elections

  1. Tim Tucker says:

    finally an original thought. participatory democracy needs to be watered by the sweat of attendance. Under “convention to select”, both parties or more, will develop real ownership in their leaders. Simple, direct,and hands on! Good work Chuck.