What do people expect?

Politics 101: If Idahoans elect the same old people to offices, then they should expect the same results.

Remember that, kids, as you storm the Statehouse in protest of education reform proposals. It’s great to see teenagers involved in politics, because Idaho’s future is in their hands. But the places they need to protest are in family rooms and around kitchen tables.

Nothing will change unless Idahoans collectively start caring about elections.

Class dismissed.

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2 Responses to What do people expect?

  1. Myra says:

    I would like to say thanks a lot for that job you have made in writing this piece of writing. I am hoping the same effective work from you later on too.

    • Chuck Malloy says:

      You’re very kind, Myra. I’m having fun writing the blogs and your positive response makes it even more enjoyable.