Devil Dog Art

Oh Rats! Cards

by Linda Watkins

custom card designs
commissioned animal portraits

Images of dogs, cats and other animals unlike any you've ever seen.
Unique (and sometimes surrealistic) portraits that capture
the individual essence of an animal or a place.

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Oh Rats! Cards
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Captured here as he emerges from wide-eyed kittenhood into disdainful adult cat.

Acrylic, 5x7.
Prints or cards available.

Owyhee Cliffs

The stark, rocky landscapes along the Owyhee River put on display the skeletal structures of a whole region. They also have provided me with inspiration for a series of paintings.

Oil bar, 11x14.
Prints or cards available.

Sarah's Daydreams

For Sarah Ukiah, all the toys in the world aren't good enough - she wants sheep.

Acrylic, 18x24.
Prints or cards available.

Ishi Wilderness #2

The variety of landscapes in Northern California's Ishi Wilderness provide never-ending inspiration.

Acrylic, 18x24.
Prints or cards available.


Smell the Roses

Even herding dogs like Rosey (the Devil Dog herself) and Shae sometimes have to stop and smell the roses.

Acrylic, 5x7.
Prints and cards available.

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